Lightning, a matter for professionals

Lightning is a manifestation of electricity of atmospheric origin, consisting in a discharge accompanied by a flash of light and a violent sonic shock wave (thunder). Statistically, lightning strikes 50 to 100 times per second around the world.

Lightning can directly strike the ground, structures, or power lines. The consequences can be serious due to the propagation of the disturbances through conduction or radiation.

The evolution of knowledge in the field of lightning protection and experience from numerous sites have shown that measures must be taken to better reduce the risks and damages related to lightning at all installations.

Accordingly, the regulations and standards in force have taken this evolution into account by instituting the concept of a global approach that significantly increases the parameters to be taken into account and makes analysis somewhat more complex, requiring expert assessment conducted by professionals.

In this spirit, manufacturers of early streamer emission air terminal (ESEAT), associated within a division of Gimélec, are making this site available to serve as a useful tool for learning about lightning risk in order to deal with it as efficiently as possible.